The camera of Annick Blavier — almost still, fixed, tracking along a curved event, a chance and ephemeral meeting: in the reinvented sky, the crescent of a moon crosses behind the Eiffel Tower on an autumn night.

We are witnesses to an act of seduction prepared on the sidelines, plotted like a gradual slide towards its moment of fullness, a spectacle splattered with sparks.

And, although slightly to one side and far off, something else is happening, nearby, moving like barely audible breath: the story of the city as a backdrop.

Letting oneself be transported by its slowness, so languid that it seems to have come from somewhere else, letting oneself be seduced and led astray, led by the lazy, febrile wait, the eye caught by the fan-like movement of the moon across the iron mesh.

Aurélie Barre
Olivier Leplatre


Seduction is a performance
of unexpected continuity
that manages to be produced
out of discontinuity (...)

Alain Fleischer
Watch video To Seduce/Seducere, 2005
(13.55-minute running)
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