Captured here and there, “stolen” images everyday, filmed principaly in contrepoint from which are red or written short japonese poems, haïku, that is the materiel of my video. I like to work in the space of the crack in same time the tension between the image and the texte in a relationship of a decalage interest me. A mix of prose and poetry, fiction and reality like the haïku, my video would like to be a celebration of the instant and in the same time a mocking laugh in face of the absurdity of existence; Moments sketches as if one drawns in a drawning book “small visual sentences in kaleidoscope”. Let things be suspended without will to prove anything, just to take a fleeting impression to touch lihtly and to try to translate the hidden is my preoccupation. The short sequences where the look poses itself on things an apparent casualness askes us attention, humour and often in watermark the gravity: while a fugitiv look, quickly passed over on the dayly of the stranger, my neighbour the strangers cross my pass, like the desire to simply return what escape...

Annick Blavier


Video Le fil s'est perdu, 2009
(13-minute running)