Updated on 20th June 2014
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As a visual artist, I have always thought of technique as a means, not an end.

After studying print-making at the La Cambre school of art and design, I took up painting. Twenty years later, I felt that I was beginning to repeat myself, so decided to take a break from this medium. While still concerned with the concept of trace, and memory (both collective and personal), I am moving away from painting as a specific technique, no longer convinced that it is right for what I am trying to say and do.

Since 2000 I have been using a range of media, including photography, drawing and collage, as well as publishing artists' books and ‘works of comparative thought’, curating exhibitions and making videos, preferring to juxtapose contrasting elements, letting fragments jar the eye.


Museums preserve our past.
Recycling preserves our future.

Theodor W. Adorno