16 light boxes, 16 digital prints,
Size 116 x 172 cm,
Place Flagey, October 2004
Texts by Pierre Alferi, Johan Anthierens,
Benno Bernard, Jean-Luc Godard,
Franz Kafka, Caroline Lamarche


I liked the challenge: of the street and its tough context, the palisade of Place Flagey, the very large format required, with all the surprises of making an enlargement, of laboratory reproduction and all its technical constraints.

There is still one subject to be tackled: the book, reading, and quotes from writers. Not working in terms of communication: simply trying to construct little pieces of fiction starting with a phrase, or a quote, without falling into illustration, or a caption, accompanying a text, staying with the singularity of a given approach, mine, with the risk of appearing strange to someone passing along the palisade. A possible link? A love of literature, the pleasure of meeting people and of dialogue: writers. Fragments, printed details blown up, the opposition of odd elements, the importance of tearing, rather violently breaking the connection with history, working with memory, changes of direction, an attempt to introduce some fiction into our daily life, short-circuiting reality... Images and texts that don't match.

Annick Blavier