Brussels, 5 July 2006
Dear Caroline

CHANCE: this year's Fureur de Lire (Passion for Reading) theme.

I went onto the Internet and discovered this phrase by Albert Einstein: “Chance is the disguise God wears so that He can travel incognito on Earth.” Seems to me like a nice place to start.

There is a space in Brussels, 1sur1 en vitrine, which regularly shows the work of artists. I'd be interested in doing an installation there. I got in touch with Gilles Van Thienen, who runs the space — he has been sending me invitations for the past few months. He is open to my proposal. Vitrine, (“window display”), this word has a good feel to it: a place in the city that is closed to the public but open to the street.

The space probably has a very diverse audience: local people, passers-by, artists, friends, Fureur de Lire readers, people of all ages and backgrounds walking or driving down the street, their attention grabbed by what is in the windows, and perhaps by bits of writing... who knows?

In a word, I'd be interested in showing two of my prints there, and to work with you on this.


A writer: you.
A scientist: Albert Einstein (with excuses...).
A visual artist: me.

I also imagine a sound track coming out of the cellar, on each side of the window: with texts and quotes on chance, Euripides, Democritus, Proust, Mallarmé, the mathematicien Yvar Ekland, the poet Issa, the computer specialist Bernard Wach, the astrophysicist Hubert Reeves, with celebrities and less well-known people adding their bit: take it or leave it...?

I would like to develop the idea of a non-homogeneous plurality in the texts and sounds. The heterogeneous elements would be: a text written by you printed in the central window, and, behind it, inside, at the back of the display area, (where the public is not allowed), the text by Albert Einstein in white lettering, on a grey background, and my two large digital prints on paper in the two windows and the quotations as a voice-over.

Would you agree to be included in this installation?

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Have a lovely day.